We are new to the Blogoshpere so bear with us and we will be up and running in no time.


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  1. Since all the hoo-rah about this team, it’s nice to finally see something show up! It’s about time to make it official this “off season” so that we are up and running for the spring.

    I think my month or so of rest and recovery is drawing to an end. There is something about the cold weather that makes me really look forward to running outside? Wierd. Although as much as I like running in the snow… I HATE riding on the trainer inside. But, we’ll see what happens. Maybe a new bike will help with that? At least in the short term it would.

    I think Brooke is going to be spending some time on the bike as well since it looks like she has a stress fracture in her lower right leg. Too bad. She’s not a happy camper when she’s not running. Although she did just finish a MARATHON with it! So that is pretty sweet.

    We’ll get some pictures and links to our website and future sponsors up soon.

    Make sure you check us out on Twitter. @highplainsrace


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