Race Schedule getting filled in

Well Leadville is a go as is the Gunnison Growler.  So the season will have at least 2 epic mountain bike races, Leadville @ 100 miles and the Gunnsion Growler @ 64 miles.  We will be throwing in the Bone Bender 6hr race and the God’s Country offroad duathlon.  Our triathletes have confirmed the Kansas 1/2 iron and the local tri circuit as well.  We are contemplating throwing in either the Silver Rush 50, Brekenridge 68 miler or the Flint Hills Death Ride as well.  Whatever happens Mother Nature needs to start helping out, it seems that every weekend it snows and rains accompanied with super cold temps. We just completed the PsycoWyco trail run which turned out to be a 10 mile mud run.  The season is going to get going very soon and we haven’t been able to get outside and do any quality training.  Well back to the couch to watch the Olympics