Growler Report

Just got back from Gunnison and the Original Growler. The Growler is a 32 or 64 mile mountain bike race.  95% of the course is single track and in reading some of the pro’s comments and talking to some of the locals this is one of the toughest courses around.  I signed up for the 64 mile course.  We rolled out of Gunni on the road to the trails and once we hit the dirt it was on!  The pros looked like they were shot out of a gun and ripped up the first climb, while the rest of us settled in for a long day and a bit of suffering and what would turn out to be about 9100 feet of climbing (per the garmin).  This was also the Siren Song 55 first race and it performed great.  It was fast on the flowing parts and hopped over the small rock gardens with little effort.  Even though it is technically a hardtail it rode smooth and I was comfortable the whole day.  Brendan thanks!!!  The taller chainstays were perfect in the rocky technical stuff as I don’t think I hit a pedal on a rock unless it was pilot error.  Needless to say I put it to the test and it answered every single time and then some.  I wish I could have performed as well as the Song 55 did.   I did finish I was the last man across the line (who decided to do the 2nd lap)  there were a bunch of DNF’s so I am proud to say that I was one of maybe 3 total Flatlanders and only 2 of us completed the 64 miles. 98% of the racers were from CO.  We sure don’t have anything close to that type of terrain here in KS. and no real way to replicate it for training.  Talking to some of the racers and locals after the race  they were pretty impressed that I was able to knock the Growler out. It was one of the hardest races I have ever done and also one the most fun.  I hope to go back next year and do it again. It is done and now it’s time to look towards the Leadville 100.  I will throw up a few pictures once I get them all collected.


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