Breckenridge 68

The Breck 68 is in the books. I decided to go out to Breckenridge with a friend so he wouldn’t have to make the trip alone. I decided to use this as a tune up for the Leadville 100 I thought it would be a good indication of where I was in my training. We got there Friday afternoon got checked in and then headed over to Carter park to scope out a place for our canopy. We ran into the Trek Midwest guys out of Omaha and talked with them for a few and then headed out. We rode up the switchbacks right out of the park and when I say up I mean UP. I thought I might have gotten in a little deep here. We rode up to Sally Barber Mine so we could get a flavor for the early part of the ride. We stopped and snapped a few pics and then headed back so we could get to the check in. On the way back my front tire washed and I went over the bars and smashed my knee into some rocks. So now I am a little psyched out about the course and I am not sure how bad my knee is hurt but at the moment it was throbbing and bleeding so I figured it would be a problem on Sat for the race. We got to the check in and while waiting around I was talking to the other racers and a lot of them had done both Leadville and Breck and they all said if you can do the 68 you can do Leadville. We got our numbers and headed out to grab a beer and some pasta. Race day came and we headed over to Carter Park to get set up and watch some of the B100 racers. Once it was time to go they lined us up and instead of going up the switchbacks at the back of the park we did a roll out up the road to the trails just above the park. As the roll out began I realized I had left my bottle of Gatorade Endurance in the cooler so I ran over to our gear and grabbed it and then had to do a quick sprint to catch up with Chris. The neutral roll was kind of nice because it allowed me to get warmed up a little before the real work began. We rolled up the road and hit the trails and it was on 4650 feet of climbing for the 1st loop.  We head up to Sallie Barber then some sweet downhill and then back up a big climb to Little French Flume then some SUPER Sweet downhill to the aid station then up to West Ridge and then a long downhill  and one final climb up Gold Run Rd for a fast descent to Carter Park.  Loop 1 done !!! I had the on site mechanic adjust my brakes and refilled my bottles and camelback and the race announcer said if you were heading out for the final loop you had 1hr and 25mins to make the hard cut off @ Boreas Pass which was only just shy of 2000 ft of climbing and about 10 miles.  One of the guys from the Kuat racks team said “You can do it, we did it yesterday in 2 hours and we were messing around”  So I jammed out of the park and figured I would give it a go if I didn’t make it at least it was all downhill back to the park.  So I stared the climb and it just kept going up and I was looking at my watch wondering if I was going to make it.  Climbing on technical single track is not that fast and time seemed to be slipping away. So with about 45 mins to go I put both ear buds in and turned up the tunes and continued to turn myself inside out to make the cutoff.  Once I hit the gravel road I was able to gain some speed. Time was slipping away and it was going to be close I kept thinking how bad it would suck to miss the cutoff by a few minutes so I found a little more speed and as I crested the hill and could see the checkpoint there were literally minutes left and as I was 100ft from the check point the race official gave me the thumbs up and as I got there it was 4:30 on the dot.  I had made it with NO time to spare.  There were about 4 or 5 racers who were just ahead of me and as I crossed the line they all gave me a cheer.  I got off my bike and it was high-fives and hugs as we all celebrated making the cutoff. Now it was time to refill and refuel and it was downhill all the way to Como on some incredibly awesome single track and there was a section that was like a luge track as it was bermed and super sick and flowing.  The group rode into Como and there was a guy at the junction and he was the aid station so we refueled and refilled bottles and I asked him what’s left.  He said 10 miles up and 10 miles down.  So we headed up for 10 miles and when we hit Boreas Pass it was miles of 4% grade that goes up to Boreas Pass which is where you cross the Continental Divide.  We hit the top and then it was downhill.  I teamed up with one a guy and we ripped down the road and then onto the single-track and my legs were saying thanks finally we don’t have to work. It was again some sick downhill to Carter Park to the finish.  10hrs 17 mins and the Garmin said 72 miles so we got a little more than the stated 68.  Dude I felt worked but also great sense of accomplishment. Now its on to the Leadville 100.


Pic from the Pre Ride

A Pic I found on the web of Boreas Pass