Bone Bender 6hr Mtn Bike Race

I headed to Clinton Lake to race in the Bone Bender 6hr mountain bike race. The trails were just about perfect. The course was great. The typical rocky technical stuff you get at Clinton Lake with some nice flowing single track, no real climbs so all in all a good course. The start was a mass run up a short steep hill to the bikes and then it was off. The only problem was the run really didn’t sort things out and the first portion was a quick ride on the road to a gravel road on to a flat section of trails. So the riders lined up and it was literally stop and go for the first 20 -30 minutes. I was walking easy sections as the line was jammed up. Once we got going I noticed my bike was making a noise. I soon found out the front derailleur was not allowing the chain to drop into the small ring. So I tried to adjust it on the fly but couldn’t get it to work. So I had to ride in the middle chain ring the whole race. Not a terrible thing as I could clean most of the technical sections but later in the day it would have been nice to have the easier gears to save the legs. I ended up only doing 4 laps. I started out on #5 but my legs started cramping up and this was on the easiest part of the trail so I pulled the plug @ a little over 5hrs. I was a great day all around trails, weather and just being on the bike and getting in some quality riding at race intensity.


Gods Country Off Road Duathlon 2011

Since the mountain bike race on Saturday was cancelled. I headed to the River Trails on Sunday to get some racing in the books. I needed to get some race intensity laps in to boost the fitness level. The race was a 2.5 mile run and 11 mile bike and then a sprint to the finish line. The race went ok I didn’t have good legs so I ran at my typical training pace and then hoped to make up some ground on the bike. At one point someone on the trail was calling out spots on and I was 47th so the last 1/2 mile I picked up the pace and passed a few people. Hopped on the bike and tried to put it on the red line for the whole 11 miles. I felt OK but couldn’t keep the speed I wanted but I was passing people and wasn’t hurting so I think it is just early in the season and I need to tweak the training a little. Finished in 9th place so I’ll take that for the first race of the season. Next up is the Bone Bender 3/6hr race. The plan is to race the 6hr.