100 Miles of Nowhere

Saturday was the day dedicated to riding Fatcyclist’s 100 Miles of Nowhere. It is a charity ride he originally started to raise money for cancer foundations. Originally it was done on a trainer or rollers but has since turned into people doing their own rides. I decided to ride a 10 mile loop. So it was going to be 10 laps to complete the 100 miles. I started out at 5:30 a.m. so I could get the ride in and still have most of the afternoon. The morning was nice the weather was ok and I was cruising along. The plan was to ride 5 laps on the mountain bike, then 2 on the road bike for a change and then finish the remaining back on the mountain bike. I would take a bottle and a couple of gels and just reload after each lap. The family was up later in the morning and they set up our canopy and put up little signs with mileage in 10’s so I could pull each off until I hit the 100 mile mark. It is so great to have a family that supports you in your endeavors. When they share in your experience it is so much more special and fulfilling. As they day wore on it starting getting hotter and the humidity began to wear on me some and I started to carry a bottle of gatoraid endurance mix and the other full of ice and water. But I just keep pedaling on and looking towards the finish line.  6hrs and change later I had completed 102 miles (threw a few extra in for good luck).  It was time for some lunch and a beer and feeling good that I had just knocked out 100 miles of riding and it was for a good cause.