Breck 68

So I headed out to Breck to race in the B68 this year. I thought I was in good enough shape but this race is super hard as most of the race is on single track and at altitude of 9000ft and higher. The race started out with a wave start and on the pavement. So our group took off and I figured I would take a chilled approach and grab on to the second group of riders and pedal up Boreas Pass Rd to the single track and I was feeling OK when we hit the dirt and as usual there was a traffic jam and we came to a stop a few times and then things stretched out some and I settled into a groove. The climbing was bothering me as much as the descending was I just couldn’t find a good vibe and flow and was white knuckling the downhills and then it happened I hit a really loose section of rock & dirt and over the bars I went. Good thing I had the Osprey pack on or the damage to me would have been a lot worse. I have rock rash on my butt shoulder and arms but not real bad. Thanks to the riders who slowed to check and see if I was OK. I gathered myself up and made it to the 1st aid station refilled bottles and grabbed some food and gave myself a pep talk and hit the road. I made it up the West Ridge climb and was on my way down and almost to the bottom and then boom in a technical downhill spot I hit a rock with the front tire and hit the ground hard. This time it hurt! My arm was really sore and I looked over to see what looked like a walnut sticking by my elbow and that numbing, nagging pain. and my knee was bleeding. But nothing was broken on me or the Trek so I said a few choice words and tried to talk myself up but by this time it was sprinkling a little and I was in a bad place mentally and it looked really bad weather wise in the direction I would have to go for the 2nd lap. So I rode on in to the transition area the announcer said that there was 90 mins to get to the top of Boreass Pass to make the cut off. At that point I was mentally done so for the FIRST time in my life I pulled the plug and DNF’d. I was just not in a place to push on where normally I will suck it up and grind through it. My family was surprised as well but they were glad that I wasn’t seriously hurt. My wife said well at least we(her and the girls) will get to spend the rest of the day with you. And in the end I guess that is all that really counts spending quality time with the ones you love, There will be other races but that time is not something you can recapture. So we spent the rest of the day hanging in Breck and ended the it with a nice dinner and a beer enjoying the scenery ( the mountains and our family) Next up is the Spoke Pony Showdown 3/6. I am opt’ing for the 6hr.


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