2012 taking shape

I’ve been trying to get the 2012 schedule put together.  So far it looks like the annual Psycho Wyco trail run (20 mile distance) is on.  I have also got the Silver Rush 50 mile mtn bike race in Leadville Co. on the program.  We are looking to get in the LumberJack 100 but registration doesn’t open until March.  The Dakota 50 is another race we are looking at, again registration isn’t open until April for that race.  The God’s Country weekend in March looks good as it is a 3 hr mtn bike race on Saturday and then the long course off road duathlon on Sunday.  We will be doing the BoneBender 6hr mtn bike race in April as well.  The local schedule has not been published but we will get in on a few of those races as well.  Not sure if we will put any Triathlons in this year I am waiting on those dates to be announced to see if/how they will fit into the training and race schedule.  Now it is time to ramp up the training.  Running is the main focus right now trying to get ready for the 20 mile run.  Once that is done, biking will take center stage and we will crank it up.  The LumberJack is in June & is 100 mile of mtn biking so that will take some work to be ready for.  That’s why we do this right?  For the challenge, thrill and some suffering.